Business Lines

At Nationwide, we have a range of specialized communications solutions designed for your business. We do our best to match your budget, and our molded solutions will help you to fulfill your requirements. We can see in certain states that long-distance calls always come up with long-distance charges. But relying on Nationwide, you will be offered long-distance services with various ranges from basic plans to the international calls. Our network, being a trustworthy network, is backed by our industry-leading customer service and support ensuring that every sort of communication required for your business is always ready for you.

We use Latest Business VoIP technology, which ensures no intricate programming is required at the digital PBX Trunk Services Level. Regarding voice communication, fax machines or modems, basic business lines can be used.

Our business lines are much reliable where the high-tech network helps our customer to select from our huge range of voice features to get the most out of long-distance calls. Through our Basic Business Line, you can get the data services and voice calls using the same line. Whenever you want to make calls and fax a customer or check your e-mail, Nationwide business line service is always available for you that ensure your business being done.

Benefits of business line:

  • Reduce expenses –Only one provider is always active for you in order to get voicemail, local and long distance services as well. You will not be required huge investments relying on a particular provider.
  • Robust features –You will also get voicemail, caller ID, call forwarding, Conference Bridge, and lots more.
  • Excellent phones and reliable service – You will get to create a lasting, professional impression with our feature-loaded IP phones and reliable service.
  • Connect employees –Remote and in-house employees can use the same phone system while conducting business and connecting to the employees in an easier way.
  • Easy to use –Easy to set up and use.
  • Expenses – No need of any huge expensive PBX programming.

Features, Functionalities and capabilities:

  • Auto attendant, personal assistance, find me – follow me, call steering features, smart routers, zip locator, VIP code, auto redirect, and many others.
  • Faxing features along with virtual faxing, internet faxing, and faxing from phone.
  • Messaging features including voicemail, auto call return, group messenger, notifications, and auto info, multiple greeting minutes, hold messages, and virtual dictation as well.
  • Various administrative features.
  • Live call features including call screening, in-call controls, virtual phone lines, smart answer, and call recording