At Nationwide Telecom, many of our clients are on the VPN (Virtual Private Network), which is an outstanding connectivity resource for enterprises as well as businesses that function with a large or small set-up. VPN as a technology obviously has far reaching advantages as compared to others – it can be considered as a predominant one of which is the large assortment of wireless local networking.

We at Nationwide have worked meticulously with a VPN plan and have come up with a safe as well as seamless connectivity for short as well as long distance calls. As a result, we can implement and manage exemplary as well as secure networks over a wide range of IP infrastructures.

With the help of an IP VPN, which is nothing but a Virtual Private Network that is based on Internet Protocol, you as a client can not only exchange sensitive business information, but also ensure a relentless flow of such data across IP networks. With the use of the Nationwide Virtual Private Network (VPN), you can ensure the safety and security of your sensitive data and prevent it from being hacked or lacerated. Hence, rather than getting worried and disgusted about the safety of your data, you can simply rest assured about Nationwide VPN and concentrate on your business growth.

MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching)

In yet another first from Nationwide, we are proud to introduce a Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) solution. With this capability, you can build even more advanced intelligent networks and even embrace a single infrastructure with numerous value added services.

This is a simple to adopt as well as an economical solution that can be incorporated over your prevailing infrastructure, regardless of whether you have an Ethernet, Frame Relay, ATM, or IP. Since you do not have to make any specific alteration in the existing environment, various access links can be combined on an MPLS edge. As MPLS is independent of access technologies, its advanced capabilities are being used by a wide range of IP networks on a large scale.

MPL (Metro Private Lines)

Nationwide Telecom is proud to present the MPL or Metro Private Line to corporate and other customers. This solution encompasses a range of bandwidth options – which includes OC-3 to OC-192. Nationwide Telecom can also provide you a custom solution regardless of demand whether it is multimedia, voice, or video. We are capable of presenting you with a solution that can specifically meet your specific demands as well as meet precise business objectives. Nationwide's telecom infrastructure is spread across all international metropolises; hence you can touch base with numerous clients across most industry verticals.