If you are looking for the best commercial and residential company in your area of residence, we're sure you won't miss Nationwide Telecom. We are recognized as one of the best commercial and residential telecommunications company that reaches out to a large number of subscribers. The success that we share at Nationwide Telecom can be credited to the strong support and trust that our subscribers have placed in us. We bring to you a versatile product-line that aptly caters to all your voice as well as data communication needs.

Our digital quality business phone provides a vast number of advantages for your business. Our products cater to small and medium scale businesses as well as enterprise scale businesses. Our products exemplify user friendliness, cost effectiveness, as well as reliability, which form the prerequisites for business in everyday life. Our digital-quality business-phone Nationwide Advantage™ comes with the following advantages:

  • Unlimited Inbound & Local Calls
  • Free Long Distance call packages
  • Registered Local, Remote & International Numbers
  • 911 Emergency Compliance / 411 Listening
  • Toll Free Numbers
  • Dedicated high quality Fax
  • Multi Location Network
  • Voice Mail (Individuals & Group)
  • Caller ID arrangement
  • Call Waiting/Rollover, Call Conferencing, Call Forwarding
  • Conference Bridge
  • One Touch Dialing
  • Compatible with existing IP Trunk systems
  • Compatible with most Legacy Trunk Systems
  • Online Account Management
  • Automated Billing System

Our Nationwide business phone comes to you with several features that turn the tide of your business in your favor. For example, a special feature such as QoS (Quality of Sound) provides enhanced sound quality of all telephonic and Internet services. However, for you to effectively utilize the service, you will need to have the AMAP, or advantage Multi Access Point Network installed at your workplace. This facility will facilitate the quality of service that is provided to you by tracking as well as tracing the system from any point on data path.

President’s Club membership.

At Nationwide Telecom, we provide our users with what is called the President's Club Membership. This member entitles users of our exceptional product to:

  • Offer surplus long distance services for free.
  • Provide residential services slashed prices to your team members and business associates.
  • Host websites and emails for free.
  • Offer eFax at no cost.
  • Discount other international and domestic services.