Nationwide Telecom delivers state-of-the-art hosted billing solutions as well as the entire service that the customers need and want to grow. Nationwide offers numerous residential and business VoIP services like hosted IP PBX, IP PBX, VoIP billing solution, IVR solutions, Hosted VoIP billing solutions and many more. The design of the service has been done in such a manner that the company will take care of all the technical issues, while the customers will just need to concentrate on the main business plot. The company sorts out all the hassles of software, hardware, bandwidth and other related issues required to operate the VoIP lines for a fixed monthly fee.

The customer can open a new account for a fixed monthly fee where as the best part is that there is no initial investment. Nationwide Telecom’s hosted billing solution aggravates the business advantages for a certain group or accumulation of various clients in a specific geographical area. The company assigns the customers a team of professionals to guide throughout. The company offers the advantages and hosting services at a nominal rate.

Advantages of Hosted VoIP Solution

  • Integration of all VoIP services in a single platform
  • Customer’s focus on the core aspect of the business and the company will take care of all technical as well as managerial stuffs.
  • Enhance the capacity at a very short notice
  • Hassle free setting of infrastructure
  • SIP compatible soft switch
  • Guaranteed Reliability and Scalability
  • Accomplished outsourced mediation support
  • Company’s responsibility to operate the switching infrastructure./li>
  • Provides access to the wholesale network of Nationwide and convey switching with other carriers on the same network.