Nationwide Telecom is known for providing effective and enhanced wholesale solutions in Post Paid/Pre Paid/ Pin less Access Based VoIP services. Few important services of such solutions are:

  • SIP Support:In case of Session Initiation Protocol, Nationwide’s solution can be integrated into the customer’s basic platform. This is utilized to deliver multiple special features and capabilities such as ANI, Call forwarding, IP-IVR, Client support, IP address and a lot more.
  • Pin Generation Management: Nationwide provides Customer-friendly Serial Generation Tool and to the users for Pin Access Based Services, which enables the customers to easily produce their cards. The company also has the provision of integrated special modules in order to produce pin numbers along with fraud identification support.
  • Multi Carrier Support: The company allows the users to make the usage of multiple carriers which will enable the users to choose and pick up the minimum cost routing features.
  • Reseller Registration and Management Tools: Nationwide Telecom Platform besides online modules also possesses tools for the purpose of Commission Assignment as well as Online Purchasing. Resellers and the clients will have the facility to log in and activate their accounts. They can also avail the facility to check their balances as per the security standards.
  • Call Credit Limit Control: As soon as the clients balance gets over, calls will automatically be disconnected according to the AAA rules and norms.
  • Flexible Rate Definition Tools:The company permits the user to define the rates accordingly for peak, off peak and flat rates, service, connection fees and recurring fees, promotional rates as well as taxes.

The fresh and budding entrepreneurs, who are looking forward to begin a business, can contact Nationwide Telecom. In addition, the continuing TELCO dependant Calling Card Carriers, and remaining as well as new ISPs ad ITSPs, who are interested to utilize their enduring infrastructure in order to include VoIP calling Cards to the plethora of services and extend profits are advised to contact the Nationwide Telecom Company.