The wholesale switching partition services provided by nationwide Telecom are affordable, reliable, and intelligent as well as secure billing and switching platform. Such Solutions lowers the time-to-market as well as reduces capital risk. Therefore it improves the success ratio.

A switch Partition basically allows the telecom companies to partially rent out data control switch. This is done in order to channel different signals via data centres across the world. Nationwide Telecom’s switch partitioning services support TDM to TDM, VOIP to VOIP, and TDM to VOIP.

The clients of Nationwide have the independence to form their own list of VoIP technology dependant services. The company provides VoIP switch, servers, VoIP billing software as well as 24x7 services from their professional experts. Nationwide provides varying features of their state-of-art switch technology coupled with a range of customized developments. These services are available to the clients, therefore accomplishing the establishment of post-paid, pre-paid, as well as wholesale telecom services.

The advantages of wholesale switching partition services are:

  • Superb opportunity to boost business without much expenditure
  • The clients can concentrate on selling. There is no need to manage technological sides of the business
  • No need to hire exorbitant support and resources
  • Client partition can anytime be increased.
  • No operational overheads
  • There is no necessity to own entire switch
  • Generating various reports
  • It provides the users a superb one-step facility to connect with the best of carriers
  • Managing the clients’ and vendors’ accounts
  • Low cost and dynamic routing
  • Web-based CDR panel for the end user
  • There are no set up charges and least capacity commitment
  • There is a high ROI.