At Nationwide Telecom, we have long endeavored, envisioned, and attempted to be one-point solution for all your Internet and Telephone needs.

Our IP PBX – the Advantage IP PBX is a versatile choice for enterprises which look for a workplace environment with the help of advanced Telephony Technology. In addition, this advanced technology, can be identically used in remote based offices as they can be used in home-based offices. Our IP PBX is synonymous with exemplary functionality, seamlessness and affordability. In case you have decided to avail of our business package, you will definitely get a fully functional as well as remarkably features professional desktop phone for every extension in your office.

Through our superlative IP PBX, you will be able to obtain a range of other benefits as well. These include digital quality voice along with other important features. This package is also suitable for small and medium scale enterprises, and even for offices that have limited infrastructure, where you get the augmented features and that too at augmented prices. The system also promises a great deal of productivity and has a range of mending features according the needs and specialties of your workplace.

Voice and data Quality IP PBX

At Nationwide, we have incorporated every possible effort to enhance the voice as well as data quality in our IP PBX by designing a global private virtual network. This makes our IP PBX an even and dependable situation – IP PBX. The configuration and management of this system becomes all the simpler as you can do so with the help of a web based interface.

With the IP PBX from Nationwide Telecom, you get to taste the freedom right away – right from connection to the SIP trunk or PSTN providers to buying state-of-the-art phones. Some of the major advantages that you can obtain with the help of our IP PBX solution are as below:

  • Reduced Expenditure
  • Reliable Infrastructure
  • Finest Features
  • Supports hybrid environments

We utilize only the most advanced equipment, forward looking technologies, and Internet protocols in their modernized form. This is the reason why experts know that our telephony infrastructure will never get passé. Our Advantage IP PBX comprises of a unique design that is an assembly of many significant components. This way, you are empowered to a simplified functionality, whether you need to add or delete or modify the components of the IP PBX. This makes it a vibrant system that is capable of customization in accordance with varying business needs. Additionally, if your business has some prime offices as well as numerous extra extensions, we can help you benefit with the distinct Polycom IP 330 desktop phones for prime office locations. We can also consider the Polycom IP 320, which is the best fit for extra extensions. These two units are extremely popular and are proven for their top notch performance in industries as well, and come with an exceptional warranty without any investment.