The T1 service provided by Nationwide Telecom is a dedicated Internet service that guarantees clients an exclusive upload and download speed. At Nationwide, we believe that we live in an age where there is immense business diversification. In case you want your business to flourish, you need to provide a plethora of services and even touch base with numerous users globally. Evidently, the Internet becomes a significant source to reach out and discover new territories, so that new markets can be tapped, explored, and exploited.

For start-up companies, there is always cable as well as DSL, but as business expands, you will find that this shared network isn't that favorable. You need something that is more steadfast and solid for your business. With the T1 service, we solve your communication conundrum.

Offering a dedicated Internet service that guarantees exclusive uploads as well as download speeds, we provide a direct loop from our headquarters and link our clients on T1 - which is the most secure and dependable Internet service. More and more enterprises are going in for the T1 service presently, since it has the versatility which simplifies data management and caters to higher business needs.

Some prime advantages of T1 are worth a look:

  • TCO or Total Cost of Ownership is significantly low.
  • You can look forward to grow your business at an amazing pace using its efficiency and affordability.
  • No dropping signals; stay always connected.
  • Its installation is simple and quicker. Thus you can provision your SIP VoIP services in less than a week.
  • You get a fully integrated system with a single point management control.
  • You get a solution which is customizable as per business needs and at an unbelievably low startup cost.
  • Nowhere else in the industry you get such transparent billing system with precise calculations.
  • You save a considerable amount on Telecom usage